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Star Cornrstreetsociety
The sanction for poets to express their entity and share their poetry with this artistic little family

Group Founder: darkseth
Description: Share ur poems, give ur respective perspective on others, and jus bask in ur imagination as u explore this wonderful world
Group Type: Public join
Members: 313
Category: Arts & Culture > Art

Topics (1431)

go Prodigits (3) forkey
A mystery tag a bud with no name the joy of a friend the play of the game numbers on budlist but nobody speaks the lost and the lonely the perves and the freaks all of these things make u log on only ...

go you were my everything (1) 00she21
How do I move forward with my life when you were my life.Give me the strenght that was you.I gave you me carried my heart on my slieve for you.Changed,gave up so much of me for you.After giving and yo...

go disreality (0) black89
went through the city todaywalking the fogfilled streets,searching for myselfwas it in you i last saw me?you was the puzzle that couldbring my thoughts homeit's too hard for me alone to pickthe pieces...

go Pain Jayne (1) django06
Ok so I call her my plane jayne, and no thats not her real name, cus that would just give away the game, but she is perfect in every way, I know its a cleache, but her smile is enough brighten even th...

go some things never change (2) zenarchy
keys,the promise of empty promise. potential.challenging the move to move me, will the move in be moving?i doubt it.i remember when people wanted me...... for things i could never hope to fulfill,but ...

go slow sailing (0) twenty7d
Quiet in slow motion.I could be lost forever.I could find myself.Where am I headed?My focus like a compass, lost.Here, this wide blue sea.Lost in my own mind.Why am I here?These reasons have no ground...

go E. & CC (2) nefi19
we went to see the musicher words were loud andblurryI saidshe saiddoe deernever happenedbut that was thenan hour laterlost in their limbsplaying gamesour gameswere yellowI remember themyellowthats ho...

go Black Sun (0) nuqi
For the long sweet silence,The misty hazy cold days...And the icy solemn wavesOf endless soreness,Now is time for it's making...A peril to fate, time and hope:Something close to bad a intension. An e...

go Rain to the ground (1) fear
Break me down Rain to the ground I'm letting you go But its not really what I want to doYou scream you never loved me I cry and you take no pityI'm making you leave But I need something more from you ...

go ultimate flip-off (0) fear
I am what all men want Back pocket of dynamiteI ride success like a b*tch I have the tiger's fightNot like the twigs on the catwalk I am built to last longer My body won't break in bed When I hunt I j...

go forgive and forget (2) fear
wearing the dress you hateYou knew I'd be here tonightcoming to run down your gateDrove all this way just for a fightFind me waiting infront of your doorForget all the things I saidbut I pull you down...

go fk your sad (0) fear
All this dark,This selfish pitty.roll Over and Cry, seeking attentionOr Roll Over and die, you sad fck!Maybe then, elicit a response?An audience to sigh in unision,A sigh of relif, of being freed.A si...

go **** (0) ladyfluf
I take a breath of darknessReally wish to bleedNeed to taste some freedomTo rise up from my knees.Get away into the midnightOut where the lifeless shed new bloodMore flames than in the outsideOnly wan...

go just sharing my wacky thoughts (0) ladyfluf
So today I sit here, thinking about how we all think that we are unique and how we think we are all so different and how no-one's alike. But think about it. We are all just a bunch of sheep, following...

go Eternal Melancholy (0) vampboy
Cries of help echo across the narrow hillside into the uncanny sepulchral nightAs cold harsh winds of winter blow viciously against my withering soulRaindrops begin pouring rapidly upon me while the d...


Polls (8)

go Where do you get the idea of your characters from?
go What made u join this group?
go What do u think of this site?
go How did u find our ltl cavern of artistry
go When u write do u...
go What influencd your first poem?
go Poetry should be. .
go What is poetry to you?

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